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Located at 906 SE Umatilla St in the
historic Sellwood District of Portland, Oregon,
Portland Puppet Museum is your place to learn about all things Puppet and let loose your inner child. Fun for all ages!!!
(Yes, big people are always welcome)
Our new exhibit
"Puppets of the Ancient World"
is now open
Museum Admission is always FREE!!
(But we do charge for our performances and workshops)
We are open Thursday to Sunday from 2:00 - 8:00 pm

Our pint size gift shop features American-made puppets
as well as our book and movie. Support your local artists!!!
Build-a-Puppet Classes at the museum!
Yeah, Yeah, we know. The typical build-a-puppet class features paper bag puppets with glued-on decorations. Perfect to use as a litter bag in the car on the way home from the class. Well, not here at the museum. We help our students make puppets that they will take home, display proudly, and actually use. Even big people have fun in our classes.
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The Museum is located at 906 SE Umatilla St, Portland, OR
(Corner of 9th & Umatilla streets in the Sellwood district,
two blocks south of Tacoma Street, which goes over the Sellwood Bridge)
(503) 233-7723
Trimet Bus 70 comes closest to the museum (Three blocks away)
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up to date on the latest happenings at his Puppet Museum, the first and only one in Oregon.
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How about a Field Trip to the museum!
Planning a field trip for Seniors, home schoolers, scouts or other groups? Schedule a visit and have the museum all to yourselves, mornings and during any hours on days that we are closed. Your group will receive a more personalized experience and the tour can be adapted to fit your special needs. (Workshops include instructor & materials fees)
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Ping Pong's Screening Room
We've assembled lots of our videos in one place for easy viewing.
More will be added as time goes by. Recent additions include No,No, Pinocchio" and "Silbert & Gullivan's - The Mikado"

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We have live Shows and classes at the Museum To see our Show & Event Schedule at Portland Puppet Museum Click Here

History of Our Building
Our building has been in continual use since way back around the turn of the century - no not this one, the last one. This picture was taken around 1900. To learn more about the building, click here.
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Portland Puppet Museum
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