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Build-a-Puppet Classes at the museum!
Yeah, Yeah, we know. The typical build-a-puppet class features paper bag puppets with glued-on decorations. Perfect to use as a litter bag in the car on the way home from the class. Well, not here at the museum. We help our students make puppets that they will take home, display proudly, and actually use. Even big people have fun in our classes.
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How about a Field Trip to the museum!
As soon as the state and county let us reopen, you will be ble to Plan a field trip for Seniors, home schoolers, scouts or other groups. Schedule a visit and have the museum all to yourselves, mornings and during any hours on days that we are closed. Your group will receive a more personalized experience and the tour can be adapted to fit your special needs. (Workshops include instructor & materials fees)
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Ping Pong's Screening Room
We've assembled many of our videos in one place for easy viewing.
More will be added as time goes by. Recent additions include No,No, Pinocchio" and "Silbert & Gullivan's - The Mikado"

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History of Our Building
Our building has been in continual use since way back around the turn of the century - no - not this one, the last one. This picture was taken around 1900. To learn more about the building, click here.
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Welcome to The On-Line Portland Puppet Museum

Due to Oregon-Mandated restrictions
in place, we are currently closed to in-person visits. We have placed a virtual version of the "Puppets of Portland" exhibit on-line so you can experience it.
Because the state and county won't let us reopen to in-person visitors, the best Steve and Marty can do right now to satisfy your love of puppets and the museum is our VIRTUAL TOUR, courtesy of Eureka VR Images which you can access at the link below: 4/0/index.htm

Here are the directions for Viewing the Tour.
For those of you that have never done a Virtual tour, here are some guidelines. Use your mouse to click on the wolf and enter, use the buttons in the middle of the screen to turn up, down all around left and right, the roller on your mouse will close up on the puppets.
The I-icons are for reading the artists bios and using the QR codes on your phone, click on the upper X right hand side to escape close up and back to museum. See the black circles on the floor, click your mouse on them to move to that section of the museum and get a different look around you and see the i-icons for films and bios. You can even watch four films on the television screen, your monitor or cell phone screen, and if you hit it again it will blow up the movie on your entire screen. You need to use the menu buttons on the left side to go to gallery and hit on a stagnant picture in the museum to return or just keep scrolling to watch all the videos on the tour.
It takes a few minutes to learn how to navigate but you will soon get the hang of it.
Enjoy folks - this is new, very special tour and please help me thank the folks at Eureka VR Images, who did one fantastic job on this. Please recommend them to your friends for this kind of service. We are so grateful to them to allow us to bring you this tour.